Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The end is near.

I sit, in the quiet, while 3 little cuties are napping, and several things come to mind as my pregnancy comes to an end.

~Baby is still moving all over...very thankful for that. Slightly frightened at times when it feels like he/she is trying it's darndest to kick open my side and come out. Wrong way, sweetie. Please figure this out...promptly.

~Pretty much eating everything in site lately. Not sure why, because I can I suppose.

~Weight watchers is looming overhead like an ever-nearing enemy. (See above)

~Since WW is not here QUITE yet, I am pretty irritated that the only snack I could just find to eat was a tootsie roll and mini-hershey bar from Halloween. So irritated as to let it stay in the drawer? No. The empty wrappers lay next to me.

~Bought excessive amounts of post-pregnancy clothes while still pregnant. Good after-Christmas sales I suppose. Hoping they fit, and hoping they give me some motivation for WW. Also hoping the sales ladies weren't too irritated when they saw me with my big belly and their smaller clothes head into their dressing room.

~Will this baby be a boy or girl? Loving that we didn't find out, but still trying to convince Johnny that he is happy as well. He may have bitterness issues.

~When will this child come? Actually not feeling as anxious as I thought I would, but at 39 weeks and 3 days, labor would be "welcome" at any point now, and is pretty much required in the next 14 days. Makes me happy to meet my baby, makes me want to hurl to think of labor.

~Feeling pretty prepared...everything is cleaned and washed and ready for baby.

~"Baby" Norbeck has to receive a bit more specific of a name at some point. Shoot. Maybe we are not as prepared as we thought. Any last minute suggestions for either sex welcome.

~Ready for a nap, and just realized maybe my baby has not yet felt ready to come because it's mother has not taken ONE pregnancy photo and it already is scarred that the other 3 siblings will have pictures of themselves in utero. Shoot again.

~OK, situation remedied. Now, sweet baby, let's get moving.

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Becky said...

Well, I just saw Joanna and you have less than 14 hrs to make something happen! Hope you enjoy every last bit of unhealthy food! Can't wait till you get to blog about the new baby!