Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Toddler Theology

One of my favorite things about having an almost 3 year old in the house is the constant amusement I receive from her. Isabella is cracking me up every day with things she says and does. Often times, I look at Brynn and Cooper and just laugh as I think about a year from now when all 3 of them are full of surprises!

Isabella loves church and gets very excited for MOPS, Honeybees, Sunday School, etc. She gets a little confused since her daddy works at church. She sometimes calls church "daddy's house." Oh well, it is her Father's house, right? Just not the one she is thinking of. Anyhow, she went to Youth group with Johnny Sunday night and learned the Matt Redman song, "You Never Let Go." Some of the students were raising their hands during praise and worship. I find it absolutely hysterical that she copied them and was raising her hands! In addition, we have been singing the song at home alot, but she has revised it. She belts out, "Oh Lord, you HAVE to let go/through the stone and through the calm/Oh Lord, you have to let go/You have to let go of me." I love listening to her mess up the words, but I am glad her theology is not correct because I don't really want to be let go.

So, whether it is singing so adorably, telling me I need to drive faster (EVERYDAY!), insisting she will be 23 at her next birthday (she will be 3 in May), instructing me to call my husband "Babe" instead of "Johnnie", or stripping her jammies off because she is "cold", she melts my heart and keeps me on my toes!!!

I don't know about you, but I didn't realize how excited I was for Spring to get here until this incredible weather came this week. We were at the park yesterday and today, and seeing my kids all running around so happily does my heart good! I think my goal is to not ever eat lunch inside for the whole summer! One of my most dreaded motherly duties is cleaning up meals for 3 terribly messy kids 3 times each day. I don't mind cooking or feeding them, but it just feels like all I do is have to clean up my floor! So, if I eat lunch out on the deck in the backyard, at a park, or just about anywhere else besides my kitchen, it is a great feeling to me!

Well, I am off to bed after I go wake up and kiss my kiddies! Am I nuts? I just can't help it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grilled Cheese

When Isabella prays at night, I have had a hard time discerning who exactly she prays to. I am fairly certain she is meaning to say "Dear Jesus", but it is just not coming out that clear. Now, she is definitely able to say the word "Jesus"-she talks about him often. And EVERY time we ask her what she learned after Sunday School, Church, MOPS, or Honeybees, she says, "Ummm, Jesus...'n God." And we say something to the effect of "What about them?" or "What else?"-to which she usually replies, "I dunno what else." Anyhow, it finally clicked tonight, before her litany of thanks poured forth for fruit snacks, lollipops, and the like (yes, those always come before her family), she most certainly addressed her prayer to Grilled Cheese. I had her pray two or three times just so i could her the greeting again. Pretty funny if you ask me.

On a different note, Johnny and I are taking the Financial Peace class at our church, and I LOVE IT!!! Between being a part of that class on Wednesdays and attending Weight Watchers on the weekend, I feel like I am getting rich and thin all at once! They are the types of things that inspire you and make you feel like you're succeeding just by being there. Obviously, I don't really think that is true, both are taking alot of hard work, but both have been a blessing. Dave Ramsey is awesome...I love listening to him and watching him. I really want to go see him live, but I think the closest one is in Kansas City, MO, and unfortunately, I don't think we have a vacation planned there anytime soon, I'll have to double-check. Well, the biggest change we have decided to make at this point is happening this week when we are closing ALL of our credit cards. I say "all" as if we use many. We basically just have 2, one for gas, and one for everything else, but I won't lie and say that I don't have a few more retail cards in my wallet because I am a sucker for the free underwear offers and the extra 20% off at Macy's! But, we are closing them all, and I am so excited to go to a completely cash system! Even though we paid them all off every month, we learned tonight that credit card users spend an extra 12-18% than cash users. It will be a big change for us, but I am looking forward to it...I'll let you know how it goes!

Have a good night...I am off to enjoy a heaping frozen Tbsp. of Cool Whip squeezed between 2 Chocolate Grahams, and they are going to be good!!!