Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sanding on a Simple Saturday

Today was a good day. Beautiful weather, all 5 of us home together, and accomplishing much around the house. Poor little Brynnie had a fever all day, so she wouldn't let me put her down. After starting to get irritated, I decided to just sit down and enjoy snuggling with my baby! Cooper "helped" daddy wash the car in his diaper as he quickly got soaked from the hose. A 3-hour nap followed, so if it is up to me, he can help wash the car every weekend! I cleaned out the refrigerator, made some freezer meals, and just got a lot done. It was just one of those simple days that makes you thankful for the family you have.

Where does the "Sanding" part of my title come from you ask? I am happy to share. Basically, I am just wondering what my lovely neighbors were thinking when I screamed, er, calmly appealed to Isabella to STOP sanding her brother's chest and back!!! Because I am such a fun, cool, and awesome mom and let my kids get grubby and dirty, and since I am always focused on their development, allowing them to have as many "hands-on" experiences as possible, this situation may or may not have been my fault. I had just finished sanding down a chair and was starting to paint it...this could possibly mean I was not keeping as close an eye on my dear kiddies as I should. Anyhow, when I put the sand paper down, apparently each of them found a chunk for themselves. After hearing Isabella bossing Cooper around something to the tune of "Stay still, Cooper!" and hearing Cooper whining and yelling, I finally decided to see what was going on. Sure enough, Cooper was sitting on the ground in his little diaper having his chest and back sanded by his loving big sister! Thankfully, he was not too damaged, just a few red scratches to show for his abuse!

Maybe my baby boy will feel super smooth and exfoliated in the morning!!!

Happy Weekend to you!


Sarah said...

We're gonna start calling you MckMama with your hands-on experiences for your kids and alliterated titles!
And poor Cooper (though I have to admit I got a little laugh out of his misfortune!)

Ashley said...

oh my soul- that is too funny. i know you can make homemade exfoliation stuff with brown sugar and olive oil....i'm sure sand is just as good! so really, you let your eldest give her brother a spa treatment! fancy!